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My Results rCRS Values
C16069T A16129G T16187C C16189T C16193T
T16223C G16230A C16311T T16362C C16519T
C146T C150T C195T A247G C295T
315.1C  T489C  522.1A  522.2C

My Results RSRS Values

16069T  16193T  16278T  16362C

73G  150T  152C  263G  295T  315.1C  489C
Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence
Position CRS Your Result
16069 C T
16193 C T
16278 C T
16362 T C


Position CRS Your Result
73 A G
150 C T
152 T C
263 A G
295 C T
315.1   C
489 T C

Migration Maps for Mother:    Page 1    Page 2

An mtDNA journey showing my mothers mtDNA of J2 and the "J" track is mapped.  Includes comments from the book Seven Daughters of Eve.

Tracing a mothers mtDNA gets lost quickly in history because mtDNA does not follow a sir-name bloodline.  The mtDNA is passed to all immediate children of a specific mother.  That means half sisters and half brothers of the same mother will carry the mothers mtDNA.

Regards the tracing factor, a son cannot pass his mothers DNA, whereas a daughter does.  Your mtDNA can be traced back 100,000 years - or to be realistic, can be traced back as far as there is other DNA to test against.

Lost female cousins can indeed find each other IF they each test their mtDNA and that data is available in comparing databases.  If a match is made there may be a table to approximate the date of a common ancestor.  Female cousins may be 10 generations apart, but that mtDNA will be a huge flag saying here I am cousin.

However and there is always a "however", unless there is a paper trail back 10 generations, you may not be able to identify all the grandmothers in the line.

Migration Maping of (Mitocondrial) Eve's descendants

Edward's mtDNA Matches

Adams  Anne Adams    FMS  FF  Mary Anne Billeard b. 1823 d. 1881   J2b1a1a  
Adams  Dr. Robert James Adams    HVR2      J  
Arnett  Michael Arnett    HVR2  FF  Margaret Turman b. 1846 AL, d. 1917 AR   J  
Backlund Rev. Michael Anders Backlund Ph.D.    FMS   Sarah Ann Beck, 1832-1901 GA, USA   J2b1a1a  
Barnickel  Irene Barnickel    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Beattie  Mr. Henry Wilson Beattie    HVR2   Mary Henricks, b. 1758, North Carolina USA ?   J  
Brown  Larry Dee Brown    HVR2      J  
Buhrman  June Buhrman    HVR2      J  
Burns  Mrs. Linda Dale Thriemer-Burns    FMS  FF  Isabella Thompson   J2b1a1a  
Campbell  George Walter Campbell    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Clements  Mrs. Daphne C Clements    FMS  FF  Adeline Destimony Ragsdale, b. 1826 d. 1917   J2b1a1a  
Conner  Gary Lee Conner    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Donner  Phyllis Donner    HVR2      J  
Gordy  Eileen Gordy    FMS      J2b1a1a  
Graham  Mr. John Joseph Graham    FMS   Miss Miss Sarah Ann Beck   J2b1a1a  
Greene John Greene    FMS  FF  Mary E. Sutton , b.1860 and d. 1936   J2b1a1a  
Hard  Stefanie Hard    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Henderson  Agnes Holst Henderson    HVR2      J  
Hengesbaugh  Jean Hengesbaugh    FMS  FF  Mary Jane Lamont Willey, b 5/16/1867, d 4/1930   J2b1a1a  
Holcombe  William Hart Holcombe    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Hutchison  Kenneth James Hutchison    HVR2      J  
Ingram  Kathleen Carrow Ingram    FMS  FF  Mary Sullivan ( Lynch) 1810 West Cork Ireland   J2b1a1a  
Johnson  Benjamin Johnson    HVR2  FF     J  
Johnson  Mr. Ronald Elliott Johnson    FMS  FF  Sophronia Goodman, b. 1854 and d. 1943   J2b1a1a  
Jones  Carolyn Jones    HVR2  FF  Peter Gruber   J  
Krotosky  Mrs. Kristin Trevillian Krotosky    HVR2      J  
Lacefield  Mr. Michael Eugene Lacefield    HVR2      J  
Lacks  Ms. Kathy Ann Lacks    FMS  FF  Owens   J2b1a1a  
Lindsey  Mr. George Lindsey    HVR2  FF  Elizabeth Betty Bailey b.1844 and d 1937   J  
Lugo  Susan Laura Lugo    HVR2   Sarah Ann Smith, b. ca. 1814 OH, d. 1900, IN   J  
MacDonald  Walter MacDonald    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Mann-Stahlin  Mrs. Carol L. Mann-Stahlin    HVR2   Louisa Hensley, b. 1831, TN d/o Mary May, b. 1810,   J  
McClure  Julia . McClure    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Medley III  Mr. Bert Lee Medley III    FMS  FF  Elizabeth Alvis b. 1776 d. unknown   J2b1a1a  
Niemeyer  Drew Niemeyer    FMS  FF  Margaret M. Green, 1805-1877, Iredell, N. Carolina   J2b1a1a  
Norman  L Norman    HVR2  FF  Nancy Jane Watts   J  
Parsons  Debra Parsons    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Pedreira  Linda Lee Pedreira    FMS  FF     J2b1a1a  
Sammis  Walter Sammis    FMS  FF  Margaret Riddell/Riddle, b 1779 d. 1866   J2b1a1a  
Sorrells  Mr. James Mark Sorrells    HVR2   Helen Anita Stewart   J  
Tart  Judy Tart    HVR2      J  
Vose  Kenneth Byron Vose    FMS  FF  Ann Eliza ? b July 1833 NY or Canada d. af 1900 AR   J2b1a1a  
Webb III  Mr. Robert Basye Webb III    FMS   Charlotte Warlick (b. 1712 and d. 1737)   J2b1a1a  
Whitney  Lisa Whitney    FMS   Priscilla Wallis b. Abt 1807 GA    J2b1a1a  
Whitwell  Mr. Allen Verne Whitwell    FMS  FF  Elizabeth Robertson, b.1795 and d. 1876   J2b1a1a  
Williams  Ms. Catherine Moana Williams    HVR2   Ellen Lennon (Lenon)   J  
Wright  Mr. Hillary E Wright    FMS  FF  William Jefferson Nelson   J2b1a1a  


The mitochondrial Haplogroup H contains several sub-lineages.  It originated in western Europe approximately 30,000 years ago.

Rene's mtDNA results

Rene's H Haplogroup Migration Map and Haplogroup Origins

Rene's Recient Ancestral Origins - Last update 5/14/2008