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The mitochondrial Haplogroup J contains several sub-lineages.  The original Haplogroup J originated in the Near East approximately 50,000 years ago.  The Haplogroup J2 is particularly interesting because it has been detected in Turkey, Italy, Sardinia, Iberia, and Iceland.

Ed's mtDNA Results

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An mtDNA journey showing my mothers mtDNA of J2 and the "J" track is mapped.  Includes comments from the book Seven Daughters of Eve.

Tracing a mothers mtDNA gets lost quickly in history because mtDNA does not follow a sir-name bloodline.  The mtDNA is passed to all immediate children of a specific mother.  That means half sisters and half brothers of the same mother will carry the mothers mtDNA.

Regards the tracing factor, a son cannot pass his mothers DNA, whereas a daughter does.  Your mtDNA can be traced back 100,000 years - or to be realistic, can be traced back as far as there is other DNA to test against.

Lost female cousins can indeed find each other IF they each test their mtDNA and that data is available in comparing databases.  If a match is made there may be a table to approximate the date of a common ancestor.  Female cousins may be 10 generations apart, but that mtDNA will be a huge flag saying here I am cousin.

However and there is always a "however", unless there is a paper trail back 10 generations, you may not be able to identify all the grandmothers in the line.

Migration Maping of (Mitocondrial) Eve's descendants


The mitochondrial Haplogroup H contains several sub-lineages.  It originated in western Europe approximately 30,000 years ago.

Rene's mtDNA results

Rene's H Haplogroup Migration Map and Haplogroup Origins

Rene's Recient Ancestral Origins - Last update 5/14/2008