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The Seven Daughters of Eve - a must read book for any that is curious about where great ..... grandmothers came from.  The books author is Bryan Sykes and printed by W W Norton.  Copy right 2001, 6th edition.  It is very well written, more as a novel than scientific, yet covers scientific data.

These seven women were surely not the only women that came through the extreme harsh winters of the ice age, and all the hardship that followed, but over time it is their mtDNA that has survived into our current era.  This occurs when women with other mtDNA had only sons, or their daughters died before they could pass on their mtDNA.

The names of the daughters were picked to match the mtDNA Haplogroups H, K, J, T, V, U and X.  These Haplogroups are found in 95% of all native Europeans.  Okay I read that, so what mtDNA does the other 5% have?  These women seem to come from seven refugium of the last big ice age.  The last ice age was about 10,000 years long and had a tremendous impact on DNA. People lucky enough to find the small pockets that supported the climate and the animals they needed for survival also produced the Seven daughters.  Remembering that in this 10,000 year period there were some short warming periods which must have helped greatly.

The Seven daughters were:



Jasmine -- My mtDNA places me in J, meaning Jasmine was my great ....... grandmother.



Ursual -- Born in a cave in mount Parnassus near Delphi 45,000 years ago.  11% of Europeans, especially in Western Briton and Scandinavia, are descended from her.

Xenia -- Xenia was born 25,000 years ago in a round hut in the cold and snow of a late spring in a region where temperatures went 20 below zero.  The hut was about 12 foot around and made mostly of mammoth bone covered with hides.  Europe at the time was a vast plains which ran from the lowlands of Britain in the West to Kazakhstan in the East.  Although cold inhospitable the tundra was teaming with game.  Horse, wild ass, bison and mammoth.  Bones were burnt for fire wood for threes had been used up or was non existent because of the climate.  Flint work had improved and the spear thrower was now in use.  The author uses some fiction (which could in fact be true) in that Xenia may have had twins.  Their tribe only allowed one child at a time to live so the father, rather than killing the child, gave her to another tribe - to a young mother whose baby had died soon after birth.  While Xenia's DNA is found in western Europe, including Britain, it is also found in some indigenous Americans.  Which leads to story of the twins, for the tribe that accepted the daughter eventually arrived in the Americas.

Go here for a new mtDNA Migration and Frequency map as of 3/5/2011

I have decided not to put my actual data on my web - As soon as I understand this stuff I will write-up a report.

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