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Includes Genealogical DNA Facts and News

Ancient Origins:

-- Hunter Gatherers 45%
-- Farmers 43%
-- Metal age invaders 12%
-- Non European 0%

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Cocktail Test  //  These test are conversation items only - No real value has been assigned to any of these type test:

Test I have taken:
1. Longevity Test Result
2. Warrior Gene
3. The Black Death Plague Mutation

General DNA News TOC  //  Pa·le·o·an·thro·pol·o·gy [ pŕylee ō anthrə pólləjee ]   The study of early humans and related species through fossil evidence.
Genographic Project - WEB  They are installing a version 2.0.  When I try to sign in they pop up a Googlechrome ad that has no bypass on it.  I called them and they told me that my IE-8 is "out of date" it will not display the new 2.0 web page.  So they are pushing Googlechrome to replace Microsoft IE 8 and prior versions.  My OS is XP, XP can't process IE version 9 or above.  So we have Microsoft pushing their new OS 8 and geographica pushing Googlechrome - a fine state of affairs for America.

National Geographic web site - National Geographic and IBM's Genographic Project Atlas of the Human Journey explores early human migration routes and describes the highlights along that journey.  Allows direct access to the Time Line Eras, Journey Highlights, and Genetic Markers or Haplogroups that interest you most. Go there to learn more about ancient human migration through detailed text, photographs, maps, time lines, videos, and more.  Oct, 2008: I have learned that these folks base all their output on 12 markers - It seems that 12 markers is all it takes to place a person into an ancestry group determined to have a specific geographic beginning.
Global Environment and it's effect on DNA Evolution
Glossary of DNA Terms  //  A fairly good assembly of DNA terms
Human Genome and General DNA News

I find it difficult to seperate DNA information by era therefore, I am now trying to assemble all DNA that is not directly related to myself or family into a DNA section of its own.  Please bear with me as I work this out.
Niall (of the nine hostages)

In 2006, a group of researchers explored the frequency of haplogroup R1b and the Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype (WAMH) in Ireland. They showed that haplogroup R1b accounts for 85.4% of the lineages in Ireland, but that a distinctive Haplotype is found there at a frequency of 8.2 to 21.5%. The authors attribute this Y-chromosome signature to Niall of the Nine Hostages, a medieval warlord.

Oghgul Project*  //  ON WEB - This project is best for mtDNA testing because it is not restricted to a specific family Surname.

Ogle Project*  //  ON WEB - Sign up, intended to help identify our Ogle Ancestors, restricted to the Ogle bloodline.

Ogle Family DNA Project  //  Sign up help us finally discover our Ogle Ancestors - a project of OOFA
Project Pricing advantage:  FTDNA provides a discount for purchasing through a Project as opposed to buying direct from FTDNA.  Go to and enter your Surname in the "Search your last name" block, select from the Ogle or the Oghgul project or a different project you wish to join.  Or you can click the oghgul or ogle link above for a quick connect.
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Working e-mail from FTDNA, and information that came with the DNA kit from FamilytreeDNA.  This may give an idea of what to expect before you order.
Soothe Your Worries*

A while ago a customer sent FTDNA a copy of the reply she received from someone that she was trying to bring into her family project.  It had so many misconceptions that we thought: "we need to publicize this and respond one by one to that person's claims".  Click on "Soothe your worries" at left to read the facts.
FACs listing

Do SNPs ever “mutate back?”
How does Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroup prediction work?
How are haplogroups and their subclades named?
What is the geographic and historic origin of my Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroup?
How do I know which SNPs make sense for me to order?
Do I have to order a Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) STR test before I take a SNP test?
Can I skip extensive SNP testing and just test for a downstream Advanced Order SNP? If I am positive, may I assume that I also have all the SNPs above it?
Why has my Y-Chromosome haplogroup changed?
How many generations do the Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP tests trace?
Why does Family Tree DNA’s Haplotree differ from other Y-DNA Trees?
How often does the Y-Chromosome Consortium update their tree?
I just got my results; now what?
I also tested at another company. They placed me in a different haplogroup. How can this be?
I have taken a Deepclade test in the past. Is it better to order the Geno 2.0 test or specific new SNPs?
Is there somewhere I can see a demonstration of how the results will look?
If Y-Chromosome haplogroups change, does that mean my results are wrong or inconclusive?
What are the past versions of the Y-Chromosome Consortium’s phylogenetic tree?
What was the first version of the Y-Chromosome Consortium’s phylogenetic tree?
What Y-Chromosome DNA phylogenetic nomenclature system does Family Tree
On the Y-DNA – Haplotree page, what do the letters and numbers in the Haplogroup Information box mean?
On Public Project Websites, why are some haplogroups shown in red? Why are other haplogroups shown in green?
Should I test my Y-Chromosome (Y-DNA) haplogroup?
What is a Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) Haplogroup project?
What does a Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroup tell us?

Explain Paternal Lineages

Your Genetic Test are back  //  Now What? - New report from FTDNA - posted 2/7/2012

Other Contacts

-- Ulster Historical foundation
-- Ogle/Ogles Family Association
-- WFN Forum.Net
-- World Families . net
-- Ogle DNA Project - 06/24/2005

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