Abt 1961 - On our way to a location in Germany my car would not get up the mountain, turned out to be the fuel pump.  We drove into Austria to a large Ford dealership who had the part I needed.

1975 - We did a quick stop for lunch in Austria after crossing the Alps on our way back from Italy.
Abt 1960:  This was a drive through on our way thru Denmark and to the northern islands of Germany.
1971 - Went to visit Wolfgang in Winnipeg then drove for some distance in Canada on our way to my Ft. Lewis assignment.
Abt 1960: Super pleasent little hotel, fine friendly folks.
1967 - Did an Airborne drop near Poe where we destroyed a missile site (for practice) after a 12KM night march.
1975 - Stopped overnight on the way to Spain, hotel lobby was beautiful, the rooms not so much, looking out over the rooftops looked like Vietnam.  We had breakfast and lunch in France on our way back from Spain. 
1977, 1979, 1980 -
1957-1962, 1965-1968, 1972-1977, 2001, Munich Winter 2017
Germany's Northern Islands
Abt 1960
Abt 1960 - Overnight at a very nice little Hotel on the way to visit Germanys Northern Islands.
1975: Drove across the northern end on our way to and back from Yugoslavia.  On our way back we went about half way down the peninsula and stayed at a nice hotel.
1975 - Two week stay at a vacation spot on the "Costa Brava", North East Spain on the Mediterranean in the town of Lloret De Mar.  Had a strange feeling as we dropped off the Pyrenees into Spain, it was as if I had come home, don't know why but I was very comfortable in Spain.
1975 Drive through on our way to Spain.  Beautiful Country.
1940-1957 Arkansas,Texas,Arizona,California,Oragon,Mississour,Oklahoma;
1963-1964 Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky;
1968-1969 Maryland;
1970-1972 Washington;
1977 - Pesent Washington, Florida
1969-1970: From Seatac in Tacoma thru Alaska to Cam Ranh Bay, the sand box.  The air crew opened the doors and we were instantly soaked by humidity.  From there to my asignment in Quinon.
Yugoslavia  (before the breakup)
1976: Arrived on Tito's birthday, barely found a place to stay.

Travel 2001 - Dixie Syncopaters - The Arnstadt Dixie Band : A great group