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-- In my tree I have a Catherine Carr, in Bywell - posted 12/04/13
-- Individual Record   FamilySearch - Pedigree Resource File
-- Info found on Various Ogles
-- Tiffany Ogle establishes legacy award,  Former Miss Minnesota
-- Ogle at Mount Olivet Cementery - posted 10/4/2012
-- Found via search of the "Family Search data base"
-- British Soldier’s Remains Discovered in the Netherlands

 In my tree I have a Catherine Carr, in Bywell. I am not certain if Bywell is anywhere near Newcastle upon Tyne, but I have been researching her family. The earliest Troutbeck's are found in Dacre, Cumberland 1490, and the connection is through a marriage in 1680, of Michaelis Aynsley and Ann Ogle, Shilvington. They had a son who married a Dorothy Troutbeck. Dorothy's uncle, George Troutbeck, married Catherine Carr in 1712. I have not seen a connection (yet) with Catherine to John or Andrew Kerr/Carr, but I was just wondering if she was related to John, perhaps?

Also there was a family Kerr/Carr in Lasswade, Scotland, a well known, famous and very prominent family connected to the Ainslie's of Dolphinston.

Credit: Susan C.    12/04/2013

 British Soldier’s Remains Discovered in the Netherlands

HAARLEM, NETHERLANDS—Skeletal remains, buttons, bullets, and musket parts were discovered in a sand dune in the northern Netherlands by surprised birdwatchers who had been awaiting the arrival of a rare feathered visitor. Archaeologist Esther Poulus was called in, and she determined that the bones were of a British soldier who had been killed in a one-day battle in 1799. His uniform buttons identify him as a member of the Coldstream Guards. Veterans of the current Coldstream Guards regiment claimed the soldier’s bones earlier this month. “The archives in the UK show that the two soldiers I think it could be were in the most dangerous jobs, as grenadiers. Judging by his remains, our soldier was probably around 1.8m tall, which was tall for the time. And the grenadiers recruited the tallest. So it’s just a hunch,” Poulus said.

[[ I place this here because I have info that Ogles fought in Holland as well, although I'm sure they were not in the Coldstream Guards. - thought it would be of interest ]]  After the French Revolution in 1789, the influence of France was felt in the Netherlands.   Willem V, Prince of Orange-Nassau, had fled to England in 1795 and the Batavian Republic was established.    In summer 1799 the British sent an army into Holland to drive out the French and restore the exiled House of Orange.

 Credit: Timothy Paul Gallagher  // Mount Olivet Cemetery Records, Frederick, Maryland
 List of names and data of Ogle family members
As of 9/22/09
 25 Names,  First published on Yahoo at:   ogleoglesfa-Ogle/Ogles Family Association
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 Former Miss Minnesota, Tiffany Ogle establishes legacy award

July 17, 2006    By Ryan Gueningsman  Staff Writer   Herald Journal

It has been almost 10 years since Tiffany Ogle held the title of Waverly princess, but her accomplishments since that time have far outnumbered the years that have gone by.

Ogle was Miss Minnesota 2004, and competed in the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, N.J. Since that time, she has continued to be involved in pageants throughout the state, as well as starting the Tiffany Ogle Legacy Award for Community Service, which is an essay competition for young women who compete for the title of Miss Waverly.

This year’s winner, Amanda Hausladen, was announced by Ogle at the coronation during Waverly Daze recently.

“I started the Legacy Award for Community Service to recognize the girl who exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism through her actions off of the stage,” Ogle said. “Anyone can be presentable on a stage, but it takes a special heart to fulfill the duties of a volunteer in her everyday life when no one is watching.”

Ogle said she sees how the Miss Waverly program gives young women a responsibility to their community to uphold a strong moral character as a role model to her peers and children.

“They are ambassadors who spread the word to help our celebrations, fundraisers and events grow for future generations – that was my inspiration for starting the award,” she said.

Growing up in a small town that values leadership and community giving, Ogle said she has learned that “you are a product of those you surround yourself with.”

“I have always been surrounded by volunteers,” she said. “From growing up working at the Knights of Columbus Special Olympics skating events and KC dinners, to the church bazaars, to the Lions events, Waverly Daze and more . . . I have seen first-hand what an impact helping others has.”

Life since Miss Minnesota

Since her reign as Miss Minnesota, Ogle has not had a problem keeping busy.

For three years, she worked for a talent company, providing actors and models with information on the entertainment industry, career coaching, photography design, and agent connections.

Currently, Ogle works several jobs. Her full-time day job consists of working as a technical recruiter. She finds time to stay active in the entertainment industry, working part-time for Fame Digest, which is a Twin Cities fashion magazine.

She has served as the spokesperson for the magazine on the WCCO Morning Show, hosting runway shows like the “Twin Cities Next Top Model Search,” as well as booking and coordinating models and designers locally. She also writes a column on careers, community, the entertainment industry, and relationships for the magazine.

On screen, Ogle can be seen in local and national commercials for Target, Best Buy, Sargento Cheese, Famous Dave’s, Menards, and Great Clips, as well as in a feature length independent film called “The IceBreaker Movie.”

In her free time, and those moments are few and far between, Ogle enjoys hosting pageants through the Miss Minnesota program. She is also on the board for the Miss Minnesota Outstanding Teen (Miss America/Minnesota’s new sister program), as the producer.

In the near future, she will return to Wright County to host the Wright County Fairest of the Fair coronation – a title Ogle, herself, held in the late 1990s.

Ogle’s first pageant win was Miss Pre-Teen Minneapolis in 1992, where she went on to compete in Florida at nationals.

From there, she was selected as a Waverly princess for 1997-98.

“The Miss Waverly program gave me the opportunity to do more community service, as well as bring the spirit of our town to other cities across the metro,” Ogle said. “I was fortunate to grow up with a mother who was very involved in our church, Legion auxiliary, and community, who instilled the passion of serving others in me.”

Several years following her reign as a Waverly princess, she went on to be Miss Coon Rapids 2002, and Miss Metropolitan 2004, which led to her winning Miss Minnesota that same year and competing for the Miss America title.

Keeping in touch

Ogle said one of the most common questions she gets asked is if she has kept in touch with the other contestants who competed for Miss America with her.

She said the girls from her year, including Diedre Downs, who won Miss America 2005, are all still very close, and keep in contact through phone calls and daily e-mails.

“We have a unique sisterhood from our year as we were the last ‘class’ to compete in the original host city of Atlantic City,” she said, “It was such a monumental moment in all of our lives that we’ve all become very close, actually. It’s awesome having a friend in every state when you travel, too,” she said with a laugh.

Ogle said through her involvement with Miss Minnesota, she has received approximately $15,000 in educational assistance to pay off college loans, and said all of the girls she competed with are still active with their respective causes.

“I’m always amazed at the opportunities the Miss America program gives to women for financial assistance for education, to speak about an important cause, and for their professional aspirations,” she said, adding that anyone who is interested in competing in a local pageant can visit www.missminnesota.org or contact Ogle directly through the Herald Journal.

Amanda Hausladen’s winning essay

With all of us having our busy lives, community service is a hard thing to get done, but the world would be no where without it. It’s amazing how we don’t realize that a couple hours of community service could mean a great deal to someone else in need of our help. In society today, it’s good that people still maintain the hearts they need to participate in community service activities.

I have done various things in the past year that have been for my community. Not too long ago I tutored a girl named Sheri with her geometry homework before school.

I couldn’t remember everything from geometry, but I tried to help her understand the basic things that I did remember. Another thing that I did was work at the elementary school carnival at the fish pond. I put the toys in the bucket when the kids threw the line over. It was fun listening to the ones who would ask what was back there and how the toy got into their buckets.

Our FFA chapter also bought fruit, and I helped make fruit plates for the people at Elim Home and Westwood. I helped to deliver them as well, which was enjoyable because there were only four of us one day, and three the second, so we got to meet a lot of new people.

The most fun thing of all, to me, was when our FFA groups walked to the elementary school the first Thursday of every month and taught the fourth graders about agriculture. I got kind of attached to them, and we had a lot of fun. In addition, we have all had fun doing our community service for the City of Waverly. I’ve helped serve and clean up at a Lions dinner, helped clean up at a fish fry, and marched and helped serve cookies and water at the Memorial Day service so far.

I am also in numerous activities at my school. I start in the fall with the musical. Next is winter with mock trial, FFA, and Business Professionals of America (commonly known as BPA). Then it’s spring with softball. I also got accepted into the National Honor Society this year, and I am a band member. Some accomplishments that I’ve had this year are that I was chosen as the FFA reporter for next year, our successful BPA parliamentary procedures team competed in nationals at Orlando, Florida, last month, and our softball team just finished second in the state.

As a teenager, I could always use some extra cash. Especially me, considering all of the trips I’ve been on or am going on.

If our team makes it to nationals again next year, then the $100 will probably be toward my trip to New York. However, I have been in Spanish since ninth grade, and I will be going to Spain next summer if I can fundraise enough money. If not, there’s always college, which we all know is an expensive place.

Helping out the community can be made fun, and you feel a sense of accomplishment after doing it. I’m maybe not involved with mine as much as I should be, but I’m working on it, and things can only get better with the perspective that I’m looking at it from.

Serving the community gives times that are never forgotten, and people you never knew you would meet. Its achievement is priceless, and I’m glad to be involved with it.

Ogle’s comments about the winning essay

“All of the girls who submitted an essay to me should be commended on their work,”Ogle said. “I chose Amanda Hausladen because I admired her for understanding the importance of connecting directly to people and children in her work. She is involved in so many school activities, excels in academics, being on the National Honor Society and a tutor, as well as teaching fifth and sixth graders agriculture through FFA.

“Her references were so impressed with her character and she proved to be a leader among her peers. Yet, what impressed me the most is that even though she is involved in all these activities, she still admitted she, too, could work harder to give more. She recognizes that true volunteers are never done giving and for that I believe she will continue to be a role model and servant to others throughout her life.

“I was honored to give her the very first Legacy Award for Community Service.”

 Info found on Various Ogles

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Found 10/28/2006
In Kenya, Nairobi’s deputy mayor, Abdi Ogle, demanded the resignation of the World Bank’s country director for Kenya, Harold Wackman, a Canadian, accusing him of turning a blind eye to embezzlement of an emergency loan of $77.5 million in July 1998 to repair infrastructure damaged by heavy rains.   Not a cent of this money has come to the City Council because it has disappeared into private pockets within the Ministry of Local Government,- fumed Ogle.   Did Ogle step on the wrong toes - to be promoted to Ambassador.
President Kibaki (Kenya) has appointed Abubakar Abdi Ogle as Kenya's ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Ogle has been associate Editorial Director at Insight (K) International Regional Office,Nairobi. Found 10/28/2006
Item from Record Group 306: Records of the U.S. Information Agency, 1900 - 1992.  This program discusses international cooperation in space. Dr. J. E. Ogle, Chief Of Physics Program, NASA. discusses  measurements of temperatures in atoms, electrons and looking at ultraviolet light in the atmosphere.
Thomas Ogle and Mary Loach were married at the Parish of Gedling in the County of Nottingham 28 May 1799.
Found on the genforum.genealogy.com by Sheri (ID *****2688)  -- [ I find no mention of a Mary Loach in BOB ]
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 Individual Record   FamilySearch - Pedigree Resource File

John (of Delaware) Ogle    Compact Disc #116     Pin #748685
Sex: M
Birth:  30 Sep 1649
Berick, Upon Tweed, Northumberland, ENGLAND
Christening:  30 Sep 1649   Berick, Upon Tweed, Northumberland, ENGLAND
Death:  1684   New Castle, New Castle, DE

Father: John (of Eglingham) Ogle     Disc #116     Pin #748695

Mother: Eleanor Pringle     Disc #116     Pin #748696
Spouse: Elizabeth Wollaston     Disc #116     Pin #748686

Submitter   Vickie ANDERSON
P.O. Box 3077 Coeur d Alene, ID 83816

Submission Search: 3162826-0619105232145

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About FamilySearch Pedigree Resource File:

The Pedigree Resource File is a new lineage linked database of records available on compact disc containing family history records submitted by individuals through FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service. Family information is organized in family groups and pedigrees and includes submitted notes and sources. Many charts and reports can be printed from this data. Each disc contains about 1.1 million names. With the publication of every five discs, a master index for those discs will be published and packaged with that set of discs. With the publication of every 25 discs, a master index for those discs will also be published and packaged with that volume of discs. Discs may be purchased as sets or volumes.

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Found via search of the "Family Search data base"   --  this DB covers the years 1538-1975.
Search all collections    Birth or Christening Events  for the  Year Range:   1635-1650
John Ogle
baptism/christening date: 25 May 1635
place: Tynemouth, Christ Church, NH, Eng.
residence: Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
father's name: Henry Ogle
gender: Male
indexing project (batch) number: C15597-1
system origin: England-VR
source film number: 1068652

John Ogle
baptism/christening  date: 25 May 1635
father's name: Henry Ogle
gender: Male
marriage date: 1645  at Clee, Lincoln, England
bride's name: Judith Tuplin
indexing project (batch) number: P00019-1
system origin: England-ODM
source film number: 0924121 IT 1-2
indexing project (batch) number: M02752-4
system origin: England-VR
source film number: 950388
reference number: 2:3X72DWN

John Ogle
christening: 07 May 1641   HUYTON BY ROBY, LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND
gender: Male
father's name: Cuthbert Ogle  // mother: unk
indexing project (batch) number: P00513-1
system origin: England-ODM
source film number: 0844818 IT 3, 0844848 IT 3

John Ogle
christening: 06 Mar 1645   BARDWELL, SUFFOLK, ENGLAND
gender: Male
father's name: Thomas Ogle  //  mother's name: Anne
indexing project (batch) number: P01194-1
system origin: England-ODM
source film number: 0823738 IT 5

John Ogle
marriage: 25 Nov 1645    All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NU, England
bride's name: Elizabeth Fewler
indexing project (batch) number: M00429-1
system origin: England-ODM
source film number: 95005, 95006, 95007, 95009 
John Ogle
marriage: 06 Mar 1645    Clee,  Lincoln,  England
bride's name: Judith Tuplin
indexing project (batch) number: M02752-4
system origin: England-ODM
source film number: 950388

John Ogle

baptism/christening date: 13 May 1649
place: Saint Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
residence: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
gender: Male
father's name: Launcelett Ogle
mother's name: Margrett
indexing project (batch) number: C01960-7
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 1279310

John Ogle

christening: 14 Jul 1650   SPALDING, LINCOLN, ENGLAND
gender: Male
father's  name:  John Ogle
indexing project (batch) number: C03156-2
system origin: England-ODM
source film number: 504762, 504763, 504764

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