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Ogle Robert Gowan:  He was born July 13, 1803 in Mount Nebo, County Wexford, Ireland, – He died August 21, 1876 at age 73 in Toronto, Ontario.  He was a farmer, Orangeman, journalist and political figure in Upper Canada and Canada West.

Robert Gowan was the son of Hunter Gowan, an Orangeman and small landowner and godson of George Ogle, a grand master of the Irish Orange Order. Hunter Gowan led a yeomanry corps known as the "Black Mob" which was accused of committing atrocities against Catholic civilians before and after the outbreak of the Wexford Rebellion; he remains a hate-figure in local nationalist tradition. In 1825, when the Irish Orange lodges were dissolved, Ogle Gowan became assistant secretary for Sir Harcourt Lees' Benevolent and Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland. He arrived in Leeds County, Upper Canada in 1829 and settled in Brockville. In 1830, he called a meeting which formed the Grand Orange Lodge of British North America; Gowan became its deputy grand master and later became Canadian grand master.

This is from a letter from Edward Garrison Ogle to Delores Ogle Nickerson, dated Sep 29, 1980.  The occasion was to pass on information he obtained from a visit to Ireland, England, and Scotland, it reads:  "Dear Delores:  You have gone into the Ogle genealogy on a much greater scale than I have.   However, as I have long told you there is a life sized statute of a George Ogle in St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin Ireland.   He represented that district in the English Parliament for many years. ---

http://www.flickr.com/photos/phoenixesrose/2540724321/in/set-72157605341285874/   This Statue of the Right Honble GEORGE OGLE is erected by his country men and friends, as a tribute of affectionate veneration for the man, who by a combination of transcendant qualities shone conspicuous among the highest the brightest and the purest of the age in which he lived.

For twenty eight years he represented the County of Wexford in Parliament; during which period, the incorruptible integrity the brilliant talents and the ardent patriotism with which he discharged the duties of that sacred trust secured to him the unalterable attachment of his constituents: followed by whose unfeighed regret he withdrew from Public Life in the year 1796.

In 1798 a memorable aera, he was called from his retirement by the spontaneous and unamimous choice of the Citizens of Dublin, to the representation of that loyal city: A distinguished and unsolicited mark of confidence, founded on the undaunted and unvarying firmness he uniformly displayed, in supporting with almost chivalrous enthusiasm the Constitution in Church and State in private life he shed a lustre on every Society in which he moved: to the attractions of an accomplished scholar.

He added a suavity of manners, a scrupulous sense of honour, and a steadiness of friendship peculiarly his own: He lived as he died enthroned in the hearts of all who had the happiness of his intimacy or acquaintance.

Of such a man. it may be truly and usefully recorded, that he exhibited a perfect model of that exalted refinement which in the best days of our country characterized the Irish Gentleman. Nat. 14 Octr 1742 Ob. 10 Augt. 1814. (N.B. Part of the inscription on the Tablet directly behind the Statute for the Right Honble GEORGE OGLE)

ARC Identifier:   532765:  Title:   "Beula Ogle preparing warp for weaving at the Pi Beta Phi School, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. She is a new weaver at the school and lives on a mountain farm.", 11/14/1933.

Creator:   Tennessee Valley Authority. (1933 - ) ( Most Recent).  Item from Record Group 142:  Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1918 - 2000.  Location:   Still Picture Records LICON, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: 301-837-3530, FAX: 301-837-3621, EMAIL: stillpix@nara.gov   Production Date:   11/14/1933.

Series: Lewis Hine Photographs for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), 1933.

Variant Control  Number(s):  NAIL Control Number: NWDNS-142-H-147,  Local Identifier: NWDNS-142-H-147


Note: In 1904 the Arcadia Star claimed a population of 800 for the town, but in 1900 the U.S. Census had recorded only 706 in all of Deep Fork Township and in 1907 recorded 994. While Arcadia remained predominantly white, census manuscripts reveal that Deep Fork Township's population remained approximately 50 percent African American for decades. Businesses that thrived in the early years included A. H. Crabb's Pioneer Mercantile and cotton gin, B. F. Ogle's Up-to-Date Grocery, Odor and McMinimy Hardware, Sweat's Restaurant, and F. C. Dowell's Arcadia Hotel. By 1910 residents supported three churches and two schools,

Note: Most everyone who comes to Shawnee drives down Broadway to ogle the stately old homes and public buildings from the first of the century....

Found -- in an index for unknown text at digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v025/v025index.pdf - Ogle N. Bigknife, Jr., 122 -

Then found: OKLAHOMA WAR MEMORIAL-WORLD WAR I1 at http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v025/v025p119.pdf Aparently given the name Ogle as a first name. This guy would not give up until they killed him - Brave Man, brought great honor to his family!

OGLE N. BIGKNIFE, JR., Sergeant, U. S. Army. Home address: Vinita, Craig County. Mrs. Annie Mae Bignife, Mother 331 South Vann St., Vinita.
Born October 31, 1923. Enlisted May 15, 1942. Decorations: Bronze Star; Presidential Citation; Order of the Purple Heart awarded three times. Died December 23, 1944, of wounds received in action near Paris, France.

Found -- Mrs. Juanita H. Ogle at http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v033/v033p264.pdf applied for membership in the “THE OKLAHOMA

Found -- J. T. Ogle is the popular minister. At http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v032/v032p429.pdf

Found -- at http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v021/v021index.pdf Ogle, Victor Willard, 340.

Found -- at http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v035/v035p348.pdf Looks like an Ogle publishing company or he authored the books.
// Ogle, George A & Company, Comps. Standard atlas of Oklahoma County, Okla., Chicago, 1907.
// Ogle, George A & Company, Comps. Standard atlas of Woods County, Okla., Chicago, 1906.

Found -- http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v020/v020p402.html
Standard Atlas of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Including a Plat Book of the Villages, Cities and Townships of the County. Chicago, George A. Ogle, 1907.

ARC Identifier:   280486:  Title:   Ogle, Charles; retail store, 1938

Creator:  Tennessee Valley Authority. Information Office. ( Most Recent).  Type of Archival  Materials:  Photographs and other Graphic Materials Level of  Description:  Item from Record Group 142: Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1918 - 2000.

Location:   NARA's Southeast Region (Atlanta) (NRCAA), 5780 Jonesboro Road, Morrow, GA 30260 PHONE: 770-968-2100, FAX: 770-968-2547, EMAIL: atlanta.archives@nara.gov 
Production Date: 1938.

Variant Control  Number(s):  NAIL Control Number: NRCA-142-INF001-4558L

ARC Identifier:   70353
Ground breaking ceremonies for USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas, 05/10/1967;
 Benson, Maj. Gen. Otis O., Jr.;  Kilday, Rep. Paul J.;  Ogle, Maj. Gen. Dan C.;  Strother, Lt. Gen. Dean C.
Variant Control  Number(s):  NAIL Control Number: NRFF-21-3W51-8884.

The secret game / William C. de Mille (Paramount) with Sessue Hayakawa, Florence Vidor, Jack Holt, Charles Ogle (1917)

ARC Identifier:   210413:  Title:   Criminal Defendant Case File for Lewis Christopher, 1896.  U.S. District Court for the Fort Smith Division of the Western District of Arkansas. (02/20/1897 - ) (Most Recent)
Description:  File Unit from Record Group 21: Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 1991.  Location:   NARA's Southwest Region (Fort Worth) (NRFFA), 501 West Felix Street, Building 1, Fort Worth, TX 76115-3405 PHONE: 817-831-5620, FAX: 817-334-5621.

EMAIL: ftworth.archives@nara.gov.  Coverage Dates: 1896.  Series: Defendant Jacket Files for U.S. District Court Western Division of Arkansas, Fort Smith Division, 1866 - 1900.  Crime: Liquor Jacket Number: 348 Others tried for same crime (et al.) Also known as Ogle, Luther.

ARC Identifier:   236293:  Title:   Criminal Defendant Case File for John Ogle, 1875;  U.S. District Court for the Fort Smith Division of the Western District of Arkansas. (02/20/1897 - ) (Most Recent).  File Unit from Record Group 21: Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 1991.  Location:   NARA's Southwest Region (Fort Worth) (NRFFA), 501 West Felix Street, Building 1, Fort Worth, TX 76115-3405 PHONE: 817-831-5620, FAX: 817-334-5621, EMAIL: ftworth.archives@nara.gov Coverage Dates:   1875.  Part of:   Series: Defendant Jacket Files for U.S. District Court Western Division of Arkansas, Fort Smith Division, 1866 - 1900.  Crime: Larceny Jacket Number: 145

ARC Identifier:   274923
Title:   1896 Citizenship Application for Noah L. Ogle, ca. 1896 - ca. 1897;  Department of the Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Muskogee Area Office. (1948 - ?) ( Most Recent).  Item from Record Group 75: Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793 - 1989

Location:   NARA's Southwest Region (Fort Worth) (NRFFA), 501 West Felix Street, Building 1, Fort Worth, TX 76115-3405 PHONE: 817-831-5620, FAX: 817-334-5621, EMAIL: ftworth.archives@nara.gov Coverage Dates:  ca. 1896 - ca. 1897.  Series: Record Of Applications Under The Act Of 1896, 1896 - 1897. 

Tribe: Cherokee Application Number: 2552

General Note:   To request copies of a 1896 Citizenship Case File, indicate that the case is a 1896 Citizenship Case File Application. DO NOT SEND JUST THE CONTROL NUMBER OF THE HIT. You must also provide the name of the applicant, the tribe, and the application number. Requests without this information can not be processed. Copies cost $10 per census card number up to 20 pages and $0.50 per page thereafter. Payment can be made by check, money order, or credit card. Do not send cash. Payment must be exact, so credit card payments generally are the most convenient. Please send your request to NARA's Southwest Region (Fort Worth, TX). Within the United States, overnight delivery is available for an extra $4.00. Please state in your request that you would like this feature and provide your street address and phone number. Please NOTE: No P.O. Box numbers are accepted.

Variant Control  Number(s):   NAIL Control Number: NRFF-75-MUSKOGEE49A-6403

Lori Ogle, a missionary with SIM in Kenya, Africa, is originally from St. Petersburg Florida. She is in Africa to develop strategies that will expand the church's role in meeting the needs, both physically and spiritually, of its members that have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. These programs model Christ in its activities and will seek to impact the pandemic issue of HIV/AIDS in Kenya.
Found 2006/10/28

November 2002:  SANTIAGO, CHILE:  Three international wildlife conservation organizations presented the Bavin Award to Captain Ibrahim A. Ogle.

Captain Ibrahim A. Ogle
is head of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Airwing and a twelve year veteran of KWS, where he entered as a patrol pilot in the national parks. Over the years he was personally engaged in numerous incidents during which KWS units were confronted by well-armed poaching gangs. He led a team that faced a gang of thirty commercial poachers armed with fully automatic military rifles and explosive projectiles. The gang was attacking elephants and rhinos in Tsavo East National Park. He has also used his flying skills to rescue and evacuate stranded tourists and orphaned infant elephants. KWS Airwing is a critical ingredient in Kenya's campaign to protect wildlife; Captain Ibrahim Ogle is the central figure responsible for the Airwing's success.
Found 10/28/2006

Book "The End of the house of Lancaster" Yorkshire Archaeological Journal.

Book "The Auchinleck Chronicles, ed. T. Thomas (1819)"; "Chronicles of London, Paston Letters, I, N 240:

Ogle 1448 a member of the party that burnt Dunbar.

1. According to Anthony Goodman in his "The war of the Roses" in 1462 it was 'Lord Ogle', while in 1455 he is called Knight.  The Knight Robert Ogle led 600 men of the Marches.  An inquisition postmortem was held in Bedlington 28 July 1495 for Robert Lord Ogle - His heir is Ralph Ogle.  On (this same day and place) an inquisition postmortem was held in Bedlington 28 July 1495 for William Ogle - his son Gawin is his heir.

2. According to "The Kings War" a book by C. V. Wedgewood, Thomas Ogle (Alive 1641-1647) advised King Charles I of a possible method to end the civil war.  This is a most interesting book. The conditions in England at this time (plague 1636, 1646 sets the stage for the great migration to the Americas and Australia, and may have laid the foundation of Americas liberty.

3. I have doubt about the entry "De Ogle" in abt 1055.  I believe this is a French prefix used as is "Von" or "Van".  If so the French (Norman) invasion occurred after this date in 1066.  William allowed De Ogle to keep all his lands after 1066.  Could it be that "De Ogle" was somehow connected with an advanced covert operation from France under William's command?

 Data from John Peile of England
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 6:38 AM Subject: Re: Fw: Ogle

"Charles Fredrick Ogle, born Gateshead circa 1878 and died after 1930.  He was the son of a draughtsman [about whom I can discover nothing more] and practised as an artist in Gateshead in late 19th Century and in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1900s.  From 1905, onwards he contributed to 'Artist of the North' exhibitions at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne."

Richard Bertram Ogle, second son of Robert Bertram Ogle [serial XXVI, p. 209 of Sir Henry Ogle's 1902 history], born Eglingham 10 May 1889, later moved to London where he is reported to have been a successful portrait painter, illustrator and writer of children's books.  Between 1920 - 1929, he exhibited portrait works at the Royal Academy, London.  In 1923, he illustrated the first book by children's writer, Enid Blyton, and between 1936 - 1962 illustrated his own books.  He died circa 1985.

 A Mention of Ogle:

Ogle County, Ill. Mike Fries, chief legal counsel for the Illinois Gaming Board, said no applications for the license have been received.

Ruth A. Ogle, a program manager at the Maryland Parole Commission.

Cherry Valley School, Polson, Montana, PTA President: Leah Ogle

Karen Ogle Sevierville, TN http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/karenogle133
England - WWI  -  Ogle Deaths
Military Section Forename Surname Year of death
Army BENJAMIN  Ogle 1915
Army JOHN H  Ogle 1915
Naval Ratings  LEWIS  Ogle 1915
Army THOMAS  Ogle 1915
Army GILES  Ogle 1916
Army MATTHEW  Ogle 1916
Army ROBERT J  Ogle 1916
Army Officers THOMAS B  Ogle 1916
Army WILLIAM R  Ogle 1916
Army ALBERT E  Ogle 1917
Army CHRISTOPHER  Ogle 1917
Army CLAUD  Ogle 1917
Army ERNEST  Ogle 1917
Army HENRY  Ogle 1917
Army WILLIAM G A  Ogle 1917
Army WILLIAM S  Ogle 1917
Army BERTIE X  Ogle 1918
Army GEORGE  Ogle 1918
Army HARRY C  Ogle 1918
Army JOHN  Ogle 1918
Army WALTER  Ogle 1918
Army WILLIAM H  Ogle 1918

England - WWII - Ogle Deaths
Naval Ratings ROBERT  Ogle 1941
Army DAVID KCV.  Ogle 1942
Naval Ratings WILLIAM C  Ogle 1942
RAF TERIK G  Ogle 1943
RAF THOMAS  Ogle 1943
Army JOHN D.  Ogle 1944
Naval Officers CHRISTINE EMMA  Ogle Unknown

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