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-- Buffalo attack - posted 6/4/17

These astounding photos, taken by an amateur photographer, show a buffalo attacking an elephant’s calf:  The mother elephant went into protect mode.  The buffalo weighs around 2000 pounds but was tossed in the air like a rag.

The images were taken by Kimberly Maurer, who was on holiday and visiting the game reserve.. However, she clearly got more than she expected. “I started looking through the images on the back of my camera immediately after the attack and became very excited to discover that I had actually captured the event in detail,” she stated.

Elephant Calf Under Attack

This intense altercation of beasts started when a vicious wild buffalo began attacking an elephant calf that had been separated from it’s herd. Despite being increasingly difficult to watch, the guided safari vehicle edged closer to the action in an attempt to distract the enraged buffalo.


Unfair Fight

This is proof that nature isn’t fair, and that many animals will happily pick a fight with a much smaller species. However, this is nature, and the onlookers knew there was nothing they could do about it. Fortunately for the young calf, help was on the way, and the buffalo was about to learn something about being outmatched…

Cry For Help gets Mom's Attention:

The rest of the herd were only feet away, when the one-tusked mother heard the screeching cries of her baby in danger. These incredible images were captured by amateur photographer Kimberly Maurer, who managed record the intense event on camera through a series of shots.


What cha gona to do when she comes for you - Bad boy, Bad boy

Powerful Impact:

This is the moment the mother elephant made full contact with the buffalo, knocking him off his feet.

Then tossing all 2000 pounds of him into the air.  Ooh Yeah.
However, the elephant's revenge didn’t end here, oh no!
The buffalos fate

Was much more agonizing, but it will feed some of the other animals for a few days.

All done

baby is just shook-up

Protective March order

Matriarch in front older one bringing up the rear

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