A wide area view of the Ogle area north west of Newcastle today.   A 1610 map shows a river that can be followed westward from Blithes (Blyth) past Ogle and Belsay castle.  The river forks south half way to Ogle - take the north fork. The river flows like a "U" to the north of Ogle castle, placing the castle in a more defendable location.   

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A PDF View of the Ogle area north west of Newcastle

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9e/Iter.Britanniarum.jpg Courtesy Wikipedia:

Iter Britanniarum, a map of the Roman roads of Britannia, according to the Antonine Itinerary showing approximate routes and stations.

This work is Based on Jones & Mattingly's Atlas of Roman Britain (ISBN 978-1-84217-06700, 1990, reprinted 2007), pp. 2328; Frere's Britannia (Third edition, 1987, revised); Codrington's Roman Roads in Britain; Reynold's Iter Britanniarum; and other minor sources the sources are cited in the image legend The topographical map is from a sub-region of File:Uk topo en.jpg, with the copyright notice {{Bild-GFDL-GMT|migration=relicense}} and original date of 7 July 2006, copy made in 2008, with annotations removed.

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