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-- Sodom and Gomorrah - Posted June 11, 15

 Preamble:  I don't see a conflict between this and the biblical text of the destruction.  As is so often said, God works in mysterious ways and if He wants to use a meteor to do His work who are we to argue with Him.

The Documentary

Tonight I watched a documentary about the destruction of the cities of the planes by the dead sea, i.e. Sodom and Gomorrah. This documentary speculated that the destruction was by “fire and brimstone from the heavens” of the cities and it certainly did occur but was caused by a meteor that struck in the alps near Köfels, Austria throwing debris miles into the atmosphere, the return of this debris was the fire and brimstone from the sky mentioned by the bible.

From one excavation archeologist have found a floor mosaic that was a map that more or less pinpoints the location of the destroyed cities, there were four or five.

Also found by archeologist is an Assyrian planisphere, which is a type of star map that is interpreted as giving the path of a meteor that struck in the Alps spraying destruction before it, that it was a meteor is disputed because the is no clearly defined strike field such as the one in Arizona. Yet, there might b a good explanation in that the meteor may have exploded after shearing a mountain peak.

The researchers produced a computer program that traced the strike back in time based on the location of the star alignment of the planisphere. The date comes within 3123 BC.

In any case, after the destruction of the cities, there was a worldwide climate freeze which changed the rain patterns, which produced desertification and wide scale famine, many cities around the globe were deserted, that according to deciphered records in China and Japan. There seems to be no western recordings of it, maybe because western civilization was more devastated than those in the East were.

Break for the Maya calendar –

The “creation date” for the last Maya cycle is 4 Ahaw, 8 Kumku. According to the most common conversion, this date is equivalent to August 11, 3114 BC. Presuming the end of the cycle was indeed December, 2012 as we have been told then we are now in a new Maya cycle, that is because some Maya still live in Central and South America and they still use the same calendar, I’m told.

The Long Count has a cycle of 13 baktuns, which will be completed 1.872.000 days (13 baktuns) after This period equals 5125.36 years and is referred to as the “Great Cycle” of the Long Count.

What if:

Presume the last Maya calendar start date calculated for Aug 11, 3114 BC. Now presume the meteor strike was 3123 BC.

These dates are only 9 years apart: I am going to presume the Maya calendar is accurate simply because there is much evidence of celestial accuracy from the Maya, then the slightest error in the calculation of the lone small Assyrian planisphere could easily serve to merge recording the meteor strike on the date of 3114 BC

This would also serve as the catastrophe/change some speculate is the sign of a new Maya cycle. 

To date there have been the normal earthquakes and volcano blowouts but nothing yet that we can say is a civilization ending catastrophe during this new Maya calendar turn over (knock on wood).

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