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The Lost Colony Research Group at:
Speaks of Nolan Ogle and Wife.
The Dare Stones are a series of forty-eight rocks chiseled with
messages purporting to be from Eleanor White Dare providing
information about the survivors of Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony
who disappeared from Roanoke Island between 1587 and 1590.
Ogle Thomas, Steward on Drake's 1586 West Indian Voyage,
stopped at Roanoke, he died on the voyage.
On May 23, 1609, King James I of England granted the following
charter to the investors of the Virginia Company of London. It
transferred control from the Crown to private investors, extended
Virginia's borders from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and installed a
new, more powerful governor who, it was hoped, would introduce
discipline to Jamestown. One investor was:

Sir John Ogle Knight (knt)
Surnames we are Interested in at The Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research Group

Alexander, Annes, Ardle, Baily, Barton, Bigges, Bitfield, Boazio
Burke, Careless, Carleill, Carleill, Cates, Cavendish, Cecil, Cely,
Chamberlain, Cottell, Croftes, Crosse, Dier, Drake, Drake, Duke, Erisey, Escot, Fenner, Fortescue, Frobisher, Gilman, Goring,Grant, Grenville, Hampton, Hannam, Hawkins, Hawkins, Hawkins, Henley, Herne, Jonas, Kendall, Ketill, Knollys, Longe, Marchant, Margan, Martin, Moone, Newsome, Nicholls, Ogle, Pew, Platt, Powell, Rivers, Sampson, Scroope, Sparrowe, Stanton, Starkey, Thorowgood, Tucker, Varney, Vaughan, Vincent, Waterhouse, Whyte, Willis, Wilson, Winter, Wright, Wynter

Revolutionary War Battlefield Found

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 WILKES CO., GEORGIA -- Carr’s Fort has been discovered by a team of archaeologists after a month-long search of more than 2,700 wooded acres. “The search for Carr’s Fort was like looking for a needle in a haystack, only harder.  We had no map and few descriptions of the fort, so its location was entirely unknown,” said Daniel Elliott of the LAMAR Institute.  Captain Robert Carr of the Georgia Patriot militia and more than 100 soldiers were stationed at his frontier home when they were overtaken by Loyalist soldiers in 1779.

Additional Patriot forces laid siege to the fort in an attempt to take it back, but they were forced to retreat.  Carr was later killed by a raiding party of Loyalist Creek Indians. Archaeologists used metal detectors to find evidence of the battle, including musket balls, musket parts, and eighteenth-century iron and brass artifacts.

[This may be nothing but CARR is closely associated with Ogle - needs research]

- Something I find somewhat interesting is that very many Irish names have "ogh" as part of the name.

- Townlands of londonderry includes the town of Oghill.

- Born in Oghill, Limavady, co. Londonderry, Ireland

- Born in Oghill, Largy, co. Londonderry, Ireland

- Ogle meadows - Near Raleigh N.C.

- Found under sir name index is (Oghill, tl. Oghley, tl. Ogles)

- Surname extract from the census of 1659 in Ireland includes Oge, and ogilvie.

- Surname extract for the birth index of Ireland with 5 or more births in Ireland in the 19th century, includes the name Ogle.

- A note I found somewhere: The Ogle family can trace their ancestors back to the ancient territories of the English and Scottish Border Ridings between the 11th and 12th centuries.   The Ogle family traces their ancestral roots back to Boernician origin (Scottish English), and first appeared in ancient medieval records in Northumberland.

From the book: Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Maryland, Published Baltimore, 1940 beginning 299. On the inside flap the name of the books owner is J Ogle Warfield, Jr., dated April 1940.

Found in the pedigree of Dr. John Ogle Warfield, JR. - The format is son (Gen 1) to father.

1 - First Gen - Rev. John Ogle Warfield, D.D., b: 12 May, 1871, m: 26 Oct, 1898 to Louyse Duvall Spragins, b: 19 Nov, 1869

3 -Third Gen - mentions a David Ogle Thomas.

4 - Forth Gen - Margeret Ogle, b: 1778, d: 20 Nov. 1854; m: 6 Nov, 1802 to Michael Thomas b: 15 Mar, 1774 d: 16 Feb, 1848

5 - Fifth Gen - Thomas Ogle b: 23 Jan, 1749; No date of marriage, per the format of the pedigree chart he was most likely married to Sybilla Schley b: 1754 or perhaps to Susannah Behr d: 1820.

6 - Sixth Gen - Joseph Ogle, d: 1756; m: 1729 per the format of the pedigree chart he was most likely married to Sarah Winters or perhaps to Maria Barbara Webber.

7 - Seventh Gen - Thomas Ogle; no dates; probably married to Mary Crawford

8 - Eight Gen - John Ogle, * d.1683 probably married to Elizabeth Walliston.

Marginal hand written notes page 299:

Md. Soc. No. 277; DC Soc. No. 294; General Soc. No. 6993.

Hand written notes at end of pedigree page 301:
9 ancestors of Maryland (one error).  11 ancestors of Virginia.

The editor of this volume published the above lineages and there is one error in generations 7 & 8.  Up thru 1968 this member, John Ogle Warfield, Jr., had only one ancestral line filed in the Maryland Society. And it was his lineage to ancestor Richard Warfield, Jr.; b: 1676, d: 23 Feb, 1755.

Others notes found:

Our subject was married November 27, 1876, to Miss Ella V. Ogle, a daughter of Capt. B. F. Ogle, one of the oldest captains on the Ohio River.

Descendants of John Wallace Ogle, a book, can't find a copy.

Death of Mr. J W Ogle (Published in 1961, probably from the Northern Advocate - found in Les Finlayson's trunk).

Ogle, Dr. William [physician 1827-1912] ----257 --420 --719 --724;

Found on the web of Westminister Abby:

Lt.Colonel Sir John Ogle was buried in the Abbey on 17 March 1640 (location unknown).
He was the fifth son of Thomas Ogle (d.1574) and his wife Jane (Welby) and was baptised at Pinchbeck in Lincolnshire in February 1569.
He served under Sir Francis Vere in the English army in the Netherlands, where they were aiding the Dutch republic, and was knighted in 1603. During one engagement he lost an eye and wore a black eye patch. John was made Governor of Utrecht and married Elizabeth, daughter of Cornelius de Vries of Dordrecht, and they had four sons and eight daughters. He was an investor in the Virginia Company and also in a project to drain the fenlands of his native county.

Their eldest son Sir John was buried on 26 March 1663 in St John the Baptist's chapel. He had been knighted in 1646 and died unmarried. His brother Thomas administered to his estate. A modern stone in this chapel records his name and date of death.

A copy of the engraving of Colonel Ogle (illustrated here) can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library.

Ogle Gowan : Oxford Biography Index entry

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Phillip Buckner, 'Gowan, Ogle Robert (1803?1876)', first published Sept 2004, 940 words -


Alexander Ogle:

Congressman; born Frederick, Maryland., August 10, 1766; Children include Charles- Moved to Somerset, PA- 1795; Member PA house, 1802-1804, 1807-1809, 1811, 1819-1823; Served as major General PA Militia; prothonotary, recorder of deeds, clerk of court, 1812-17; Member US house (D) from PA, 15th Congress, 1817-19; Member PA Senator 1827-28.; Died Somerset October 14, 1832; Buried Union Cemetery, Somerset.
Andrew Jackson Ogle:

Son of ??:  Congressman; born Somerset, PA March 25, 1822-  Attended Jefferson College Cannonsburg PA; Studied law-  Admitted to PA bar 1843- began practice in Somerset County, 1845; Member US House (whig) from PA, 31st Congress, 1849-51;  Appointed US Charge d'affairs to Denmark, 1852, did not assume post - died October 14, 1852; buried Union Cemetery, Somerset.
Barbarina Brand : Oxford Biography Index entry

Brand [n? Ogle], Barbarina, Lady Dacre (1768?1854), poet and playwright. -
Chaloner Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

J. K. Laughton, 'Ogle, Sir Chaloner (1680/81-1750)', rev. Richard Harding, first published Sept 2004, 1220 words, with portrait illustration ... -
Charles Ogle:

Son of Alexander: Congressman; born Somerset, PA 1789-  Studied law, admitted to PA bar, 1822, Began practice in Somerset; Member US House (whig) from PA- 25th - 27th congress 1837-41-  Died Somerset, May 10, 1841; buried Union Cemetery, Somerset.
Charles Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

J. K. Laughton, 'Ogle, Sir Charles, second baronet (1775-1858)', naval officer. rev. Andrew Lambert, first published Sept 2004, ... -
Charles Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

G. C. Boase, 'Ogle, Charles Chaloner (1851-1878)', rev. Roger T. Stearn, first published Sept 2004, 410 words -
George Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

Betsy Bowden, 'Ogle, George (bap. 1704, d. 1746)', first published Sept 2004, 730 words -
George Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

James Kelly, 'Ogle, George (1742?-1814)', first published Sept 2004, 1440 words, with portrait illustration -
James Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

W. A. Greenhill and E. H. Marshall, 'Ogle, James Adey (1792?1857)', rev. P. W. J. Bartrip, first published Sept 2004, 1000 words, with portrait illustration
John Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

D. J. B. Trim, 'Ogle, Sir John (bap. 1569, d. 1640)', Army Officer, first published Sept 2004, 1630 words ... -
John Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

Brian Cowan, 'Ogle, John (c.1652/3?c.1692)', first published Sept 2004, 510 words -
John Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

H. D. Rolleston, 'Ogle, John William (1824-1905)', rev. P. W. J. Bartrip, first published Sept 2004, 750 words. ... -
Marriott Tarbotton : Oxford Biography Index entry

Tarbotton, Marriott Ogle (1834-1887), civil engineer. Oxford Biography Index Number 101071089 [what is this?] -
Owen Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

Richard K. Rose, 'Ogle, Owen [Ewyn], second Baron Ogle (c.1440-1486)', landowner, first published Sept 2004, 650 words ... -
Robert Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

C. M. Fraser, 'Ogle, Robert (II) (c.1305-1362)', first published Sept 2004, 660 words. -
Robert Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

C. M. Fraser, 'Ogle, Robert (VI), first Baron Ogle (c.1406-1469)', first published Sept 2004, 710 words. ... -
Samuel Ogle : Oxford Biography Index entry

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Keith Mason, 'Ogle, Samuel (1702/3-1752)', first published Sept 2004, 700 words ... -

Samuel Ogle, Colonial Governor.: born Northumberland County, England, Circa 1702; Son of Samuel and Ursula (markham) Ogle.; married Anne Tasker, 1741: 5 children including Benjamin - Proprietary Governor - Province of Maryland 1731-32, Governor (one of ablest colonial Governors of Maryland), 1732-42, 1747-circa 1752; An organizer Maryland Jockey Club- Died Annapolis, Maryland on May 3rd 1752.
Tiffany Ogle establishes legacy award -- Former Miss Minnesota

Trying to figure out when I am scheduled to die - Can't find a clear indicator.

Ogle line   Fries line
Male Female   Male Female
age 54 94   68 66
age 60 77   59 72
age 67 75   78 70
age 60     65 82
age 67     83 75
age 84     70  
age       68  
Col total 392 246   491 365
Col Avg 65.33333 82   70.14286 73
Final Avg Fam Avg 73.66667   Fam Avg 71.57143
Data below is for the kids
  Combined Avg Age    
  Male Female    
  67.7381 77.5    
  Combined Avg Age Both    
GU Ed outlived the Ogle Male average
GGM Ogle nee Dean - lived 22 years past avg
GM Ogle nee Davis and Aunt Delores outlived the combined Avg
GGGF Johann Theobald Fries IV outlived the combined Avg
GGM Carolina nee Emich outlived the combined Avg
GF Karl Fries outlived the combined Avg
Date 2/27/2015 still here age 74 I have beat the average

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