Quest for the Original Ogle
Index of Ahnentafels, Pedigrees and Various Other Data

My American Ogle Family USA:
Pedigree of  John Ogle Soldier - First Ogle in America
Pedigree of  Mordecai Ogle 1785-1839 Chart-01  *
Pedigree of  Ogle Charts USA Page-02
Family          Ogle wills and such
Family          TOC Profiles
Family          Who Was John Ogle's Father

Pedigree of    William Bills bef 1652 - Cousins of Ed Ogle

Pedigree of    Bradley - Ed Ogle's Mothers line

Pedigree of    Simon Cochrun 1755 - Mom's Sis Esmon Davis

Matrilineage   Bonnie S. Davis 1911-1988 - Ed's Moms Line
Pedigree of     Altie D Davis
Information    Davis Reunion 2009

Information   Myrtle Elizabeth Keck - Cousins of Ed Ogle

Pedigree of     Franklin Martin - Ed Ogle's Mothers line

My English, Irish and Scot Family:
The Book - The Baronies of Ogle and Bothal
  Index to the Ogles of England - from 1055 to 1897
Ogle Baronets of Worthy
Pictures of the Town of Ogle England and surounding area
  P01  -  P02  -  P03  -  Maps

TOC of The Irish Ogles
Ireland by Jim Dix
A very nice webpage - many pictures

The Fries Family of 
Canada  and  Germany

My Other stuff

Heraldry Info for Ogle Arms
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You may review some content from the Book the "Baronies of Ogle and Bothal" Here

Links to England

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Britannia  - Online magazine
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Index of Medieval goodies
Maps of Ogle, England
Medieval History links
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