TOC:  Genealogy of our Canadian and German Families   -    updated 10/08/2012

  Ahnentafel     Johann Fries II 1764-1832 *

Ahnentafel     Ancestors of Karl Fries

  Ahnentafel     Katharina Jung

  Ahnentafel     Johann Mertel bef 1884

Winter Sunset over Munich  ---  Winter-Sonnenuntergang übermünchen

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 Information For Family fries

Found by my daughter Patricia: AS of 7/30/2008
 - I have no history of this Arms
 - Will begin search as soon as possible
 - Oldest ancestor found so far is:
 - Johann Theobald Fries
II  b: Abt - 1764 in Waldmohr, Germany d: April 11, 1832 in Waldmohr, Germany

-- mtDNA  of  Renate Elisabeth Fries: Sister to Wolfgang, Manfred, Dieter and Rüdiger, daughter of Katharina and Karl.
...... Hapologroup H3;  HVR1 311C, 519C;  HVR2 263g, 315.1c, 522-, 523-; 
...... Mega report - 750G, 1438G, 4769G, 6776C, 8860G, 10496G, 10632C, 12811C, 14727C, 15326G; as of 2/28/2012
-- Mother: Katarina Mertel   b: June 30, 1908 in Kaiserslautern, Germany  d: June 24, 1984 in Germany

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