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  Ahnentafel     Johann Fries II 1764-1832 *

Ahnentafel     Ancestors of Karl Fries

  Ahnentafel     Katharina Jung

  Ahnentafel     Johann Mertel bef 1884

Winter Sunset over Munich  ---  Winter-Sonnenuntergang übermünchen

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 Information For Family fries

Found by my daughter Patricia: AS of 7/30/2008     (Click Pic for Larger Image)
 - I have no history of this Arms  - Will begin search as soon as possible
 - Oldest ancestor found so far is:
 - Johann Theobald Fries
II  b: Abt - 1764 in Waldmohr, Germany d: April 11, 1832 in Waldmohr, Germany
 - Johann's information provided by Church records in Waldmore.

-- mtDNA  of  Renate Elisabeth Fries: Sister to Wolfgang, Manfred, Dieter and Rüdiger, daughter of Katharina and Karl Fries.
...... Hapologroup H3;  HVR1 311C, 519C;  HVR2 263g, 315.1c, 522-, 523-; 
...... Mega report - 750G, 1438G, 4769G, 6776C, 8860G, 10496G, 10632C, 12811C, 14727C, 15326G; as of 2/28/2012
Rene's Mother: Katharina Mertel   b: June 30, 1908 in Kaiserslautern, Germany  d: June 24, 1984 in Germany she passed this mtDNA to Rene.
The mtDNA is the basic DNA for all females of a female line forever:  A mothers mtDNA is only passed to first generation Males, males can't pass mtDNA.  Rene's father Karl does not carry this mtDNA, he carries the mtDNA from his mother.  This mtDNA goes back to the first "DNA Eve"  There are only seven daughters of DNA-Eve whose mtDNA lines have made it into our modern era.  The mtDNA of the ancient women who had no daughters was lost, excepting that she had prolific sisters with daughters.

It was a shame that Wolfgang could not be there.

This was 2001 when Rene finally got to go "back home".  we saw the house they owned before and during the war, and the apartment they lived in after the war.  We saw the border crossing point into the west - that was quite a set up, double row fence patrolled by dogs and billets for the guards.  A merchant ask why the West did not come since the Russians were gone, he did not understand that the West lived on plastic (credit cards) and most locals in the East did not yet accept the cards, he did not.  It was difficult for the West to visit and shop.

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