February 2008

This chart is to be different, it is based on the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) of Bonnie Sarah Davis (from a DNA test taken by her son).  A mother passes mtDNA to all daughters forever, but only once to an immediate son.  A son can not pass on that mtDNA.  This chart list Females as first partner and ascends/descends the Female line from Bonnie.  (My sister did not have a test).
My Mothers Haplogroup is J2.  It is Found sparsely throughout Europe from West of the Urals to Ireland.  The J2 markers begin on a line that runs from North East of the Black Sea to the SE shore of the White sea, and Westward from the Ural Mountains.

As of Oct 1, 2007 the Geographic Genomproject indicates that J2 came to Western Europe from the Asian Steps via a northern route skirting the Northern seas.  This seems to contradict the paragraph above.  This technology is so new we can expect updates as knowledge is gained.
Name Haplogroup HVR1 HVR2
Mr. Edward Gerald Ogle, Sr. (Mother: Bonnie Sarah Davis) J 069T,193T,278T,362C 73G,150T,152C,263G,295T,315.1C,489C
FTDNA dropped the 2 of my original tested J2 at some point so I have only J as haplogroup

Seven generations: 
So far we have: GGGM Harbin?,  GGM Bradley,  GM Martin, Mother a Davis, my Sisters an Ogle, Her Daughters and Grand Daughters.
As mentioned elsewhere, mtDNA can be traced back tens of thousands of years.  Haplogroup J of which J is a sub-group originated abt 50,000 years ago.  Given this info seven generations seems rather slight, but these seven are backed by 2000 generations that came before.  If we could find them what knowledge we could have.

Frequently ask mtDNA questions are found at http://www.familytreedna.com/faq-mtdna.aspx

3 Nancy Susannah (Susan)  Possible maiden name Harbin  B:1805 (mother to Clementine and Malinda)
+3 Allen Bradley
4a Nancy Clementine Bradley
+4a Thomas Monroe
5 Eliab M Monroe
5 Sarah L Monroe
4b Malinda McAfee Bradley:  B: 1848,  D: Apr 10, 1919;  M: Dec 24, 1865;
+4b Franklin Alford Martin:  B:  D: Apr 1, 1919;
        5 Dixie Elmanda Martin:  B: Jan 31, 1889, Flintville Tenn.; D: Nov 7, 1964, Claremore, Rogers, OK; M: Jan 2, 1910;  Cleburn, Johnson, TX
+5 Alson (Altie) Dee Davis
          6 Bonnie Sarah Davis:  b: March 11, 1911 in Cleburne, Johnson, TX;  d: June 02, 1988 in Antlers, Pushmataha, OK;  ; Buried in Butler Cem, Atoka, Co. OK;  m: January 03, 1929 (mtDNA Info) (pictures are linked from the Ogle chart)
          +6 Paul Evert Ogle:  b: January 06, 1906 in Vinita, Indian Territory (Craig, OK); 
d: May 11, 1973 in Antlers, Pushmataha, OK
7 Paul E. Ogle Jr.
7 Earl Dean Ogle:
7 Bonnie Delores Ogle:  b: December 03, 1932 in Foyil, Rogers County, Ok  d: 15 may, 2008 in Hospital in Norman OK, Bonnie's residense was Muskogee, OK.  (75 years 5 months 12 days)  I really miss you Sis.
+7 Robert (Bobby) Nickerson:
8 Nila Denise Nickerson:  Jun 5, 1952;
+8 Applegate;  Doherty;  Van Schuyver
10 Holly Michelle
10 Hailey Dawn
9 Kimberly Michelle VAN SCHUYVER
10 Ariel Raquel
9 William Ray DOHERTY Jr.
9 David Arthur VAN SCHUYVER
7 Edward G Ogle:
6 Unk
6 Unk
6 twin
6 twin
                    Anyone - please identify the mother of  Nancy Clementine Bradley
and other women in this female line - Credits will be stated
Red indicates a carrier/donor, which can only be Female
Green indicates a son who carries his mothers mtDNA
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10/14/2007:  From Bonnnie Delores (Ogle) Nickerson:  I believe Malinda's mother was Nancy Susannah Harbin.  I believe grandmother Davis told me that.    There are also Hardin's in our line married to Hezekiah Bills.   The 1870 Cherokee County census shows Monroe Thomas married to Nancy,, two children, with a Susan Bradley.  Nancy is shown as Clementine in 1850.   1860 census shows Allen Bradley, Susan A, Nancy, Martha A , Malinda, age 12.--   1850 Allen, Susan, Newton, Robert, William, Clementine, Martha, Malinda 2.    some death records, shows Malinda born 1850, but she was 2 in 1850. Susan was 65 in1870.    Hope this helps some.  SIS

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