From 1055 to 1897 England

Irish Ogle

English Ogle 2

  Arms of Lord Ogle
of Ogle Castle w/o supporters

English Ogle 3
Scottish Ogill
Blood Relation Unk

I was able to purchase an original copy of "Ogle and Bothal", A history of the Baronies of Ogle, Bothal, and Hepple (BOB), BOB was commissioned by Sir Henry A. Ogle, Baronet, completed in 1902.
Also an original copy of "Living Descendants of Blood Royal (in America)" 5th Volume (LDBR), LDBR was compiled and edited by Count D'Angerville, and Dr. Arthur Adams (begun 1958).  John Ogle, Soldier and planter of Newcastle County, Delaware, was of royal descent from King Edward I of England, and King Philippe III of France.  John is the progenitor of many Ogle's in America.

A reprint of Ogle and Bothal can be purchased from the Ogle/Ogles Family Association located on the web at
Remember this work is ongoing, check back occasionally. (last update 3/27/2011). 


CONTENTS from the Book the Baronies of Ogle and Bothal

1 Facing Page and Preface  
3 - 8 Pedigree Charts of the Ogles of England, Ireland, Scotland, and America
   /// Includes: List of Castles, Towers, Lands, etc., held by the family /// Adenda
9 The Arms Proper and those used by the different branches of the Family
P10 - The Arms and Quarterings of the Lord Ogle, and the Earl of Newcastle.
------ The Arms and Quarterings of Newton Charles Ogle of Kirkley.
P11 - Various Arms and Seals shown in Plate III.
P12 - Various Badges and Arms shown in Plate V
25 - 34 THE OGLES OF OGLE AND BOTHAL TEXT:  To which are added some accounts of the families who eventually succeeded to the property
Pedigree I
35 - 44 Continued
45 - 54 Continued
55 - 64 Continued
65 - 74 Continued
75 - 82 Continued to end of chapter.  Verification work is done, more work later - if you find an error please e-mail me
135 - 154 Continued
155 - 174 Continued
175 - 194 Continued
195 - 214 Continued
215 - 220 Continued
END The object of inserting these pages as I have is to allow researchers an insight into the book "Ogle and Bothal".  This book is filled with a very significant amount of information for each English Ogle family pedigree.  It also provides, to a somewhat lesser extent information for the Irish and Scottish families.  American families are mentioned only in passing.

For American Ogle families, look to the Ogle/Ogles Family Association at The association is now in existence over 30 years.
Glossary Some terms used in BOB
Plates Plates found in BOB
Various Ogle Baronets of Worthy

England P01  -  P02  -  P03
Table Of miscellaneous data that I have not attempted to connect

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