Hadrian's Wall
in summer
Arms of Lord Ogle
 of Ogle Castle

English Ogle 2

English Ogle 3

Irish Ogle
Scottish Ogill
May be Blood Related
Ogle Village Arial View

Ogle is a location place name that was in effect in 1055 Northumberland England, long before there were dictionaries of the English Language.  The definition such as the one often given in dictionaries is pure speculation, it has no basis in fact and is an irritation to the more than 38 generations of over one million Ogle Family members  in Australia, Bahamas, Caribbean, Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, and the USA, and where else an Ogle family resides.

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I regret that I have been unable to prove Johns Ogle's father, that is an aggravation I may never have an answer for,
yet I am comforted to know that this fortunate soul will someday be amoung some very distinguished family members that have gone before me

Extracts from "The Baronies of Ogle and Bothal" includes an Index of:
Pedigrees --  Links to other Ogle sites -- and Maps - 
and a link to Search for Your Ancestors
Blood Quest

The Object of my Quest is to find the Origins of the Ogle Family
Endeavor to Persevere  --  TOC Viking Ireland

 Introduction and General DNA Research

TOC for YDNA Research -- TOC for mtDNA Research
TOC Human Genome and General DNA Research
(new not fully developed)

Join the Ogle Family Association  --  Profiling Ogle Cousins

Ancient Humans, Prehistoric Human Linage, and Primate Fossil information have moved to: ancestorstails.org  
Yes I know it's a strange name but it is appropriate since
there were apes long before monkeys and the history of primates without tails started in the Miocene 23.03 million years ago.  According to my understanding of Human DNA we are more closely related to Apes and Gorillas who's normal habitat is on the ground while monkeys prefer trees (yes I Know about Chimps).

Humor - Tales Told
Memories before I forget
Memorials Pages 1-2
Ogle Tales and Trails
Sir Chaloner Ogle Admiral 1680-1771
Things that Awe

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*1 Arial view of Ogle Village first published in "OGLE A Northumbrian Village - provided by Air Images -
www.aerialphotography.com - This book can be purchased at Ogles.org

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